Hungarian Oil & Gas Company Plc tests Smart Camera to detect colleagues having higher than normal temperature

MOL Group Fever Detection Smart Camera is used in MOL Headquarters

It was in March 2020. The COVID-19 pandemic begun and according to corporate policy, MOL employees were mostly working from home. They were allowed to get to the office under restricted conditions.

MOL Group wanted a system that can measure the temperature of people without degrading the check-in experience at the reception. That required a remote, seamless temperature metering solution. There is a number of such cameras on the market, but the prices of thermal sensors increase exponentially with the resolution.

This is where comes into the picture. Our strategy is to downscale our devices to the bare minimum that is still able to fulfill the tasks. In many cases, this requires:

  • high levels of algorithmic and resource optimizations,
  • designing balanced hardware and software architectures,
  • finding various correction algorithms,
  • creating models and running calibrations to compensate distorted measures,
  • use predictive analytics,
  • and ultimately: Machine Learning in any aspect of the projects.

Also, we develop our products with the intent to tightly integrate it to the customer’s existing enterprise services to provide a higher level business value.

Today, MOL Group is running our camera prototype in its Headquarter corridor to detect feverish colleagues or visitors. Since our cameras are modular and expandable, in terms of hardware and software as well, we are continuously developing our code to fit the customer’s requirements.

Thanks to the valuable feedback provided by the project teams from MOL’s side during the past months, our product became ready for the enterprises.