The blog

Truepositive.hu is a private company. It is focusing on Intelligent IoT Edge and Machine Learning solutions, developments and consultancy. This blog summarizes what Truepositive.hu has been doing, what it has achieved.


The founder of Truepositive.hu is Zoltán Szalontay. Zoltán is an 57 y/o MSc in Electrical Engineering. He is fundamentally curious and always looks for solutions to interesting problems. He usually runs 4-5 projects concurrently.

Zoltán’s first job was Research Scientist at the Institute for Computer Science and Control of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (MTA SzTAKI) where he was developing a real-time binary noise classifier that could detect CNC machine tool breakage.

Later on, he worked for PonT Research in Colchester, England, where he was developing real-time financial securities information systems. He was responsible for the company’s two most important functions: the spreadsheet and the chart displays.

During his 30s Zoltán changed his carreer and became Pre-sales Engineer at Olivetti and later on, Technology Strategist at Microsoft Corporation. He worked for Microsoft for almost 20 years. Leaving the company, he became the Chief Business Architect of Telenor Hungary.

During the last 3 years, Zoltán is a freelance IoT and Machine Learning consultant/developer. His 35 years of experience in the Enterprise world lets him find the root causes their optimal solutions. (Comment: That’s why he can also deliver solution based Office 365 trainings when his time permits.)

Zoltán’s competence covers developing IoT Edge solutions, developing for microcontrollers (his favorite is the ESP family of microcontrollers), Node-RED-based workflows and Machine Learning classification and prediction solutions.

At home, he automates his house whenever it makes sense and gives real returns. He is making experiments at home in small. His infrastructure primarily uses ESP8266 and ESP32-based edge devices, Mosquitto MQTT broker, Node-RED, Grafana. All this runs on a single Raspberry, in Docker, and managed by Portainer.

Zoltán lives in Szentendre, a beautiful mediterranean city near Budapest, with his wife, Zita and his son, Rudolf, who studies biochemistry. His two elder children are Orsolya and Marcell. Orsolya is a psychologist and works for Sanofi, while Marcel lives in Rome and works as an IT consultant. Zoltán loves (to play) music or making things, such as 3D printers.

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